Aquatech Syphonics - Rainwater Drainage Systems - Sydney, NSW, Australia Aquatech Syphonics - Rainwater Drainage Systems - Sydney, NSW, Australia
2011 Exciting new developments at Aquatech Syphonics coming soon!
Watch for updates in the coming months....
2010 An impressive and unique looking building for North Sydney!
The Ark opens its doors to business and sets a new benchmark in sustainable development.
2009 Something Brewing In NZ
Aquatech Syphonics latest project In East Tamaki, Auckland on the new Lion Nathan Brewery is well underway and covers over 50,000sqm. Limited to the positioning of downpipes, the roof drainage system was designed to enable 150m length gutters to drain to specific locations.
2009 A World Cup Event
Redevelopment of the new grandstand at Eden Park, Auckland continues in preparation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Construction works havenít deterred the all important games held there including the Bledisloe Cup. Aquatech have supplied and designed the system to enable it to drain the 21,500 seat south stand to just two downpipe locations.
2008 Canberra Airport takes off!
If you’ve visited the Australian Capital Territory recently you will no doubt have seen the great green star rated buildings adding shape to this previously undeveloped land. Aquatech Syphonics have and still are making their mark incorporating efficient sytems into these eye catching buildings.
2007 Travelling along the M7 in NSW Australia it’s not hard to miss one of the largest roofs in Australia. Aquatech Syphonics were a part of this construction which is now the Coles National Distribution Centre. Located at Eastern Creek in New South Wales . READ MORE >>
2006 Distribution of Aquatech Syphonics system in the Philippines READ MORE >>
2005 Aquatech Syphonics partners with Plastic Plumbing Supplies Pty Ltd READ MORE >>
2004 Landcare Research 'Green' Science Building, Auckland University READ MORE >>
2003 Britomart CPO project in Auckland, NZ.

February 2006
Distribution of Aquatech Syphonics system in the Philippines

We are pleased to announce that we now have distribution in the Philippines and are already looking at a number of prestigious projects.

All projects for the Philippines are handled directly by our distributor based in Manilla:
Mega Systems Enterprises.
Contact Antonio Chua on Tel (+63 2) 7165614 , 7165618,  Fax (+63 2) 7160148 for enquires in that area.

Visit their website:

October 2005
Aquatech Syphonics partners with Plastic Plumbing Supplies Pty Ltd

Aquatech Syphonics are pleased to announce that an arrangement has been made with Plastic Plumbing Supplies Pty Ltd of Melbourne, to distribute the Aquatech Syphonic system and Valsir range of pipes and fittings as a complete package to plumbers and hydraulic service contractors.

PPS will now be able to offer a syphonic package to compliment their extensive range of Valsir products whilst Aquatech Syphonics will be providing design, technical assistance, support andtheir range of syphonic outlets for PPS' clients who are tendering, and have syphonic contract work in hand.

This agreement will be Australia wide through PPS' sales network and overseas with Valsir's Far East, New Zealand and South African Distributors.

For further details of PPS' Valsir range see their website, contact Mr. Glenn Craig in their Melbourne Head Office on (03) 9335 6666 or visit the Valsir web page at
For more information regarding Valsir please contact Alessandro Davini - Area Manager Far East-Australia-New Zealand-South Africa

October 2004
Aquatech Syphonics completed another project in New Zealand

Aquatech Syphonics' latest completed project in New Zealand is the Landcare Research 'Green' Science Building at the University of Auckland's Tamaki Campus, recently opened by Prime Minister the Rt Hon Helen Clarke. The energy efficient and environmentally sustainable building is home to staff from both Landcare Research and The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, as well as Landcare's collection of millions of insects, fungi and bacteria.

Landcare Research 'Green' Science Building at the University of Auckland's Tamaki Campus
The Aquatech Syphonic Drainage System harvests the roofwater into 75,000 litres of storage tanks for re-use in low flush WCs and urinals and irrigation of the adjacent glasshouses and gardens. This approach has given a 50% saving on normal water consumption and equates to a month's demand for water being stored on site under normal rainfall conditions.

This is the first completed of a number of projects whereby the Aquatech Syphonic System is being utilised to 'rainwater harvest' in order to conserve water for re-use in the watercycle.
August 2003
Britomart CPO project in Auckland, NZ.

This is Aquatech's first project in New Zealand and is part of a $200million transport hub. The project brings together buses, trains and ferries in downtown Auckland and is the first time in 73 years trains have arrived in the heart of the city.

Britomart CPO project in Auckland, NZ

Aquatech Syphonics were contracted to drain the Glasshouse, a glass and steel structure linking the refurbished CPO building and the new underground station. The high level pipework was installed in stainless steel to match the finishes inside the building and to be as unobtrusive as possible. The whole roof is drained to just 4 No 75mm downpipes. The systems are fixed directly to the structural steel and are sheathed in some areas to give the illusion of a continuous pipe. At the base of each downpipe uplighter fittings are installed around the pipe to maintain the lighting effect within the building.

Installation time including procurement, site welding and fabrication was only 3 weeks and was finished well within program to meet the first stage and official opening deadlines.

Britomart CPO project in Auckland, NZ

Builder - Downer Engineering
Architect - Jasmax / Mario Mayadag
Client - Auckland City Council
Aquatech Client - Clarke Roofing Limited
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